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Master Synthesis and Transformation
Master Synthesis and Transformation series is formulated according to the syllabus approved by the MOE of Singapore and it consists of six workbooks which provide practical exercises on how to join sentences using appropriate connectors and rephrase sentence without changing their original meanings. Each of the workbooks is organised thematically in such a way that each unit comprises exercises that focus on the use of a specific sentence connector. An example is provided at the start of each exercise as a guide for students. Pictorial stimuli are incorporated into some exercises in an effort to develop students' skill in associating images with textual descriptions.

  1. 12 pages of notes on common sentence connectors
  2. Carefully crafted exercises with stimulating questions
  3. Full-colour illustrations for selected exercises
  4. Complete answer key for self-assessment
Authors: G.E. Giam, Christine Tan, Yvonne S.D.
ISBN: 9789811118296
Writing Exercises
In line with the requirement of the latest Singapore English Language Syllabus which aims at moulding pupils into creative human resources, our series focuses on the following essentials:
  • Based on Revised English Language Examination
  • Essential skill-building exercises
  • Progressive tasks that stimulate critical thinking
  • Clear and concise answers for easy reference

Authors: J. Zuraidah, G.E. Giam, Yvonne S.D., Yvonne Ratnam
ISBN: 9789810761059
Learn to Read and Write
Learn to Read and Learn to Write are a package of two books specially designed to help children aged 4 and above to learn such basics as the letters of the English alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours. ?

Learn to Read provides the basic and essential elements of the learning of the alphabet. The children learn to recognise and pronounce the 26 letters. They also learn to associate the letters with objects and animals which are common to them in their environment so that the meanings of the words can be easily understood. The use of attractive stickers stimulates the children's interest to learn. What's more, they learn to pronounce the words properly in the process. Equally important, number recognition to ten is taught as a key to their early maths. Colours and shapes are introduced to them as the recognisable characteristics to observe and categorise what they see.

Learn To Write provides one set of tracing worksheets for practice on mastering the necessary strokes required for formal handwriting and one set of worksheets for practice in printing the uper case and lower case versions of each letter. These worksheets are instrumental in developing and reinforcing the children's fine motor skills.

ISBN: 9789810985646
English Comprehension
The English Comprehension series aims to help pupils familiarise themselves with the different types of passages and the different questioning techniques used. Pupils also get acquainted with the latest examination format, ensuring that they are equipped with critical skills to answer comprehension questions confidently.
  • 40 MCQ and Open-ended Exercises
  • Based on the latest exam format
  • All exercises are graded
  • Complete answers

Authors: Norazlina A. Wahab, Irene Lee, Christine Tan, Dharine
Balakrishnan, K. Selvarani, Audrey L.R.
ISBN: 9789810761110

Model Compositions
  • 200 Model Compositions
  • Commonly Tested Theme
  • Varied Writing Styles
  • Bonus : Haiku Poetry, Rhyming Poems, Informative Appendices

Authors: G.E. Giam, S.T. Lim, Yvonne S.D., Yvonne Ratnam
ISBN: 9789810751555
Reading and Handwriting Workbook
  • Contents based on the latest Primary English Syllabus issues by the MOE, Singapore
  • Reading passages that help develop reading skills and increase vocabulary at different levels of language competence
  • Writing practices on lined pages that help develop skills in forming upper-case and lower-case versions of letters with the correct stroke sequence
  • Comprehension practice questions that hone skill in understanding texts and trackling comprehension questions
  • Fun activities that add fun to the learning process and help develop creative thinking skill

Author: G.E. Giam
ISBN: 9789811105807

Author: 羽卒
ISBN: 9789810786328

Master Editing
The Master Editing series is published on the understanding that the tips and the exercises in the eight graded workbooks will help students learn the editing skill of identifying and correcting errors, which is an important part of the learning of a language, especially the writing process. Each workbook is divided into four parts that provide practice on reviewing the four elements of good writing: grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence order. These elements are the backbone of a language that a learner or a user must understand in order to write effectively and accurately. Writing effectively means the ability to express clearly what one thinks, feels or wants. Writing accurately means the absence of errors that will hinder understanding of meaning.

Each workbook features:
Part A- Editing Grammar (Practice on parts of speech)
Part B- Editing Spelling (Practice on accurate spelling)
Part C- Editing Punctuation (Practice on basic punctuation)
Part D- Editing Sentence Order (Practice on sentence and sequencing)

Extra: Additional learning materials that help enrich student's knowledge of English are available online at
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Workbook 1 and Workbook 2
Elementary Level
CEFR Level: Pre-A1 & A1 Low
Cambridge English YLE: Starter
Workbook 3 and Workbook 4
Intermediate Level 1
CEFR Level: A1 Middle & High
Cambridge English YLE: Movers
Workbook 5 and Workbook 6
Intermediate Level 2
CEFR Level: A2 Low & Middle
Cambridge English YLE: Movers
Workbook 7 and Workbook 8
Advanced Level
CEFR Level: Revise A2 & A2 High
Cambridge English YLE: Flyers
Authors: G.E. Giam, Christine Tan, Yvonne Ratnam
ISBN: 9789811405402