Hands-on Science
Hands-on Science series is a series which is written based on the Singapore’s science syllabus that is integrated with the topics in Indonesia’s curriculum. It is designed for pupils of primary one to six. This series comprises of a textbook and a workbook for each level.

Hands-on Science Textbook is written to promote pupils to acquire their knowledge through inquiry learning and master the scientific skills that are essential in the learning of science. This book helps pupils develop and inculcate scientific attitudes and noble values when they carry out the activities either in class or at home. All the activities in this book are designed to be pupil-centered.

Hands-on Science Workbook is developed to complement the Textbook. The various types of exercises are written to help pupils reinforce the concepts learned in the Textbook. Varied questions suitable for self-learning and classroom use.

Consulting author: Giam Kah How
ISBN: 978-981-14-2453-3