Minds-on Maths
Minds-on Maths is an exciting new series that has been developed to match the latest Indonesian Mathematics syllabus for Primary 1 to Primary 6. This series covers comprehensively all the basic competencies (Kompetensi Dasar) as prescribed by the Indonesian Ministry of Education.

Minds-on Maths encourages active learning and practices so that pupilsí mathematical fluency can be developed through questions and activities infused with heuristic and modelling techniques, critical thinking, logical reasoning and metacognitive skills.

Designed to set the foundation for future learning, this series sets clear goals for learners and teachers, and provides carefully structured questions, activities and revisions to help build pupilsí confidence and help teachers monitor progress.

Minds-on Maths is a complete mathematics programme that comprises:
  • Textbook: designed to meet the individual needs of all learners. Emphasis is placed on developing pupilsí 21st century skills, such as problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Workbook: provides a variety of exercises and word problems that correspond to every chapter in the textbooks, making them perfect for either classroom use or homework.
  • Teacherís Guide: assists teachers in preparing and conducting their Mathematics lessons and supports them with guidance to get the most out of the Textbooks and Workbooks.
  • Digital Handbook: contains extra online resources for in-class support to be used alongside the Teacherís Guide.

Consulting author: Dr Ngo Hea Choon
ISBN: 978-981-17075-6-8