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Mathematics Titles
Mastering Mathematics Workbook
Mastering Mathematics is a comprehensive series of assessment workbooks which is written based on the latest primary Mathematics syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education of Singapore. Each of the workbooks provides sufficient practices on various types of questions.
  • Topic-based practices
  • 5 sets of revision papers
  • Challenging questions
  • Complete answers

Author: Lilian Yeo
ISBN: 9789810705435
Thinking Cap: Solving Maths Word Problems
This series is designed to introduce pupils to wide variety of thinking skills useful in mathematical problem solving and help them to develop their mathematical thinking skills.
  • Topical problems
  • Worked examples
  • Practice problems
  • Challenging problems
  • Revision tests
  • Worked answers

Authors: Vincent Chong, F.C. Chan
ISBN: 9789810786649
Our Maths Class Begins!
It has always been a challenge for school teachers to teach mathematics to students with different levels of ability. The use of cartoons and comics, which are usually enjoyed by school-going children, is therefore introduced to motivate students to learn the subject and enable teachers to engage their students in the process of learning. Furthermore, incorporating comics into teaching helps provide opportunities for skill-building and creativity development.

Teaching and learning mathematics is a challenging yet fulfilling experience. This maths comic ensures that there is always two-way communication between teachers and students in a positive classroom environment whereby mathematical concepts, mathematical magic, puzzles and mathematical beauty relevant to our daily life are presented in a visually interesting manner.

In education, quality matters most and we provide just that.

Author: Wong Teck Sing
ISBN: 9789811118197
Get Ready for Primary One Maths
Get Ready for Primary One Maths is a series of 4 activity books designed for preschoolers in preparation for their first year in primary school. It will serve as a bridge to facilitate the crossover from kindergarten to Primary One through easy-to-understand teaching points and easy-to-do activities, making the transition from preschool to primary school easier for them.

This series will help preschoolers to:
  • familiarise themselves with the common mathematical concepts and topics
  • build a solid foundation in mathematics
  • develop necessary skills for the transition to primary one

ISBN: 9789811404627
Learning Numbers
Ideal for children aged 4 and above, Learning Numbers is designed for parents and teachers to help early learners to build essential skills in maths and writing. This series is suitable for children who have just started or will soon be going to school. In order to ensure that our books are suitable to be used alongside the curriculum, this series is carefully written to fulfill the specific learning outcomes for early learners.

Each book contains:
  • simple instructions
  • practices on recognising and writing numbers
  • revisions to ensure mastery
  • free coloured number cards

ISBN: 9789810786649