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Master Grammar Cloze
Master Grammar Cloze is a series that consists of six graded grammar workbooks. Each workbook of the series is an effective learning tool for both classroom use and self-study. The content of each unit becomes more challenging as students progress further into the workbook.

The features of each workbook include:
  • a user-friendly format
  • clear and concise grammar notes
  • helpful examples
  • graded skill-building exercises
  • an answer key
  • full-colour illustrations and layouts

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Master Grammar Cloze is a user-centred grammar workbook series that assists students in learning the rules that matter most to them in both their studies and everyday life.
Workbook 1 and Workbook 2
Elementary Level
CEFR Level: Pre-A1 & A1 Low
Cambridge English YLE: Starter
Workbook 3 and Workbook 4
Intermediate Level 1
CEFR Level: A1 Middle & High
Cambridge English YLE: Movers
Workbook 5 and Workbook 6
Intermediate Level 2
CEFR Level: A2 Low & Middle
Cambridge English YLE: Movers
Authors: G.E. Giam and Christine Tan
ISBN: 9789811422263

Basic Vocabulary Workbook
Vocabulary is the foundation for comprehension. Unfamiliar words become gaps in the text, preventing our students from completely understanding what they have just read. The greater number of words our students grasp, the more they can interpret ideas from others, and express their own ideas. Knowing that vocabulary is intimately connected to both effective reading and writing skills, our editorial team and writers have invested a great deal of time and effort in formulating the Basic Vocabulary Workbook series which aims at helping our students develop their vocabulary. The vast array of themed and graded exercises in each workbook provides them with multiple exposures to words and their meanings and usages.

"While without grammar little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed."

Author: Lavinia Gopi
ISBN: 9789811164446
Basic Grammar Workbook
A good understanding of grammar is essential for effective writing and communication.

This series of workbooks takes learners through the grammatical items topic by topic, employing a result-oriented approach towards the learning of grammar with plenty of hands-on practice and enrichment exercises.

Authors: J. Lee/ P.J Siew
ISBN: 9789811148217
Grammar for You
The Grammar for You Levels 1-6 series is a package of comprehensive grammar books suitable for students as well as adult learners. The introductory notes and extensive exercises will help you improve your mastery of the English language.
Key Features
  • Clear and concise grammar notes
  • Varied and fun-to-do exercises
  • Complete answers

Authors: Sarah M. & Maureen Lee
ISBN: 9781907580093
Exploring Grammar
Exploring Grammar is a series of multi-level English grammar workbooks for young learners. The series combines informative content that strongly focuses on grammar and vocabulary within an easy-to-understand structure. Each of the workbooks is written to suit the learning needs of a specific age group and ability range. From the early level to the upper level, language skills are developed and practised through clear vocabulary and point-by-point grammar presentations as well as graded exercises.

  • Grammar Tips
  • Grammar Exercises
  • Common Errors

ISBN: 9789810986858
Elementary Grammar
A good understanding of grammar is essential for effective writing and communication. This series takes learners through the grammatical items topic by topic, employing a result-oriented approach to the learning of grammar with plenty of exercises.
  • Practices are grouped according to grammar items
  • Answers are provided for assessment

Author: Sineva Chang
ISBN: 9789810705961

ISBN: 9789811148217
Common English Mistakes
COMMON ENGLISH MISTAKES is an ideal book for both students and the public at large to improve their grasp of the English language by avoiding the usual mistakes specified in this book. Each section is clearly explained in simple language with sufficient examples to help students improve their mastery of the English language. Moreover, the chapter on pronunciation will help learners to pronounce complicated words properly, as well as learning the differences in pronunciation between British and American English. This book has been formulated in such a way that it will aid its readers in polishing up their written as well as spoken English and enhance their confidence in day-to-day interactions,presentations and communication as a whole.

Author: Lee Kian Seng
ISBN: 9781781870532
ISBN: 9781907580093
Essential Grammar
This book adopts a light-hearted approach to teaching grammar. It aims to help both young and adult learners master the intricacies of English grammar, through easy-to-understand units interspersed with numerous examples and descriptive illustrations. Grammar books should not be boring and dreary, and its step-by-step style will make the learning of grammar easier and more enjoyable.

Author: Gilbert Perreire
ISBN: 9781781870525

ISBN: 9781907580093
Grammar and More
GRAMMAR and MORE is a three-level grammar series developed for young learners to understand grammatical concepts in a systematic way.
  • The focus of the series is on developing children’s understanding of the basic rules of grammar.
  • The series is well graded in terms of both the introduction of new grammar concepts and the levels of exercises.
  • Each grammatical element is explained clearly using easy-to-follow examples and practice exercises from everyday life.
  • Short activities at the beginning of each chapter serve to introduce the concept in an interesting manner.
  • Grammatical terms are explained in a simple and concise manner.
  • The extensive and varied exercises provide ample practice.
  • The stimulating activities will engage learners in both exploring aspects of structure and using a language in a meaningful way.
  • Interesting passages will help develop comprehension skills.
  • The guided composition activities will help to reinforce students’ writing skills.
  • The model test papers will help in assessing the skills acquired by the learners.

ISBN: 9789810705961
Grammar Made Easy
GRAMMAR Made Easy is an ideal book for students at pre-intermediate and intermediate levels who wish to strengthen their command of the English language. Each topic is clearly explained in simple language with sufficient examples and lively illustrations to help students improve their use of English grammar.

Author: C. B. Chong
ISBN: 9781907580789
ISBN: 9781907580093
Total Grammar
Total Grammar is an English grammar reference and practice book that adopts a learner-centred and level-appropriate approach which enables intermediate learners to learn effectively, in pairs and groups. The twenty well-structured lessons are written in easy-to-understand terms and organised into grammatical categories. Carefully sequenced series of exercises stimulate learners to recognise errors and discover how to fix them, thus improving their grammar skills as well as inspiring relevant critical and creative thingking skills.

Author: Francis Foo
ISBN: 9781781871549